Awakabal Country | Credit: Saskia Wilson

Indigenous peoples have managed their land and Country for thousands of years. There are many benefits when Indigenous knowledge systems are valued, and Indigenous peoples lead natural resource management.

We need your support to train the next generation of Indigenous Fire Knowledge Practitioners to prevent wildfires and heal Country.

Mentoring a new generation of Indigenous Fire Practitioners will:

  • Build a strong network of professional Cultural Fire Practitioners.
  • Strengthen the transfer and sharing of cultural knowledge.
  • Ensure land is being managed appropriately to support the prevention of wildfires.
  • Provide jobs and partnerships across regional communities and economies
  • Showcase Indigenous-led innovation.
  • Meet the current demand for Cultural Burning from communities, private landholders, government agencies, local councils and others.

Invest in Indigenous 
Fire Knowledge

An investment in Indigenous-led solutions will provide opportunities for communities to build a Cultural Fire network that provides employment and research opportunities.

Investing in Indigenous fire practitioners will lead to better outcomes for communities and Country.

Investing in Indigenous-led research will provide communities with the opportunity to utilise their cultural knowledge for modern issues.
Investing in healing Country has both environmental and social benefits.

Discuss partnership and investment opportunities:

Rachel Steffensen

People and Partnerships Manager

“The Firesticks Practitioner Mentoring Program is crucial to support our resilience as a nation. It’s about getting people out onto Country and using Good Fire to heal the land. Because we know when we improve the health of the landscapes, we improve its resilience against wildfires.”

Victor Steffensen
Firesticks Co-founder

Buluwai Country | Willie Brim Credit: Annette Ruzicka