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to lead the way in healing the planet.

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We are supporting communities to lead Indigenous land management projects across the country.


“…this is an crucial time start creating the jobs of the future that will heal our Country. Our communities are striving to revive  cultural land management practices, and to give their children a pathway forward into the future.”

Victor Steffensen
Tagalaka man and Co-founder of Firesticks

Awabakal Country | Malachai Credit: Saskia Wilson

Amid a climate crisis, we need Indigenous Fire Practitioners more than ever.


“What I’ve learnt in the Firesticks Mentoring Program I never even touched on in my Bachelor of Environmental Science. Before, I used to hold a university degree in high esteem. Now I’m starting to see that Traditional knowledge is more advanced and sophisticated than any Western science I’ve learnt.”

Whitney Ridgeway
Worimi and Bundjalung Associate Fire Practitioner

Awakabal Country | Credit: Saskia Wilson

Support Indigenous Innovation

Indigenous people globally have cared for Country for thousands of generations. This has informed our way of life in alignment with mother nature socially and environmentally. Reactivating these knowledge systems is the solution for the many challenges we are facing today.

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