Awakabal Country | Credit: Saskia Wilson

Investing in Indigenous innovation

Firesticks strives to bridge relationships between stakeholder groups to support Indigenous land management and community autonomy in natural resource management, while training the next generation of Cultural Fire Practitioners. Join us on this exciting journey towards securing a sustainable future for all of Australia.

It’s an exciting time to invest in Firesticks. We have the opportunity to shift the dial on a mass scale to protect, conserve, and enhance our natural landscape – this land that we collectively call home – through supporting Indigenous innovation in land management.

There’s no limit to what we can achieve together

Beyond the critical goal of protecting our fragile environment, there are additional layers of impact to your investment in Firesticks: Indigenous employment, governance, research, enterprise, education, leadership and national truth-telling. There is no limit to the impact we can achieve when we work together.

Investing in the future

Our vision is to train and sustain a network of Cultural Fire Practitioners in all communities across Australia while establishing regional hubs and communities of practice to drive change on a national scale. We will continue to invest in Indigenous community relationships globally, further Indigenous-led research agendas and ultimately, provide Indigenous-led solutions to Australia’s land management challenges.

Are you with us?

“We’re calling on state and commonwealth agencies, universities, all communities, private landholders and their representative farming bodies, everyone across the sector to work together. We want to see more employment for all the Aboriginal people managing landscapes. We want to see traditional knowledge taught in schools. We want to see Aboriginal people monitoring, collecting data and doing their own research to deliver Cultural Fire to the world, proudly from Indigenous knowledge and proudly from the communities of Australia.”

Victor Steffensen
Firesticks Co-founder

Buluwai Country | Willie Brim Credit: Annette Ruzicka

Land Acquisition

Throughout Australia, Indigenous peoples are largely unable to access lands where they hold important cultural connections and obligations. This also means the Country does not receive the management and care needed to be healthy and resilient. We need your support to enable Cultural Fire Practitioners who can nurture the identity of landscapes and fulfil cultural care.

Firesticks’ land acquisition initiative is an important step towards healing and restoring Country throughIndigenous-led approaches and land management practices, including Cultural Fire and harvesting. It is also an important step towards supporting self-determined futures for Indigenous people and reshaping regional partnerships and solutions for all future generations.

Enquiries to donate or to bequest land please contact:

Rachel Steffensen

People and Partnerships Manager

Awabakal Country | Jess Wegener Credit: Saskia Wilson